We spent our 1 year anniversary exploring Maui🌺 here's a cute little video from our trip.

Thinking of traveling to Maui? I wanted to share some tips and things i experienced personally. Some things you will need to take care of first is your plane tickets, and a place to stay.

PLANE TICKETS: We used Google flights for our tickets which were about $400 round trip at the time. Different times of the year means different prices in flights so look around before making your decision. There are also a bunch of apps like Skyscanner or kayak, ect. which help you find cheaper flights.

HOTEL/AIRBNB: So there are different areas/feels to Maui. Depending on what you prefer, you can decide where you want to stay. Some of the hotels are extremely pricey, but if you are trying to budget your money you can find cheaper hotel rooms, or use AIRBNB. We used AIRBNB for the whole week and it was around $800. We had the entire condo to ourselves and it was definitely worth the money.

TRANSPORTATION: Most people visiting Maui seem to rent cars. If it is not in your budget, or you are not able to rent a car, there are other ways around. To rent a car you will need a Drivers License and a credit card with the matching name. In our case, we weren’t able to rent a car lol. When we arrived in Maui, we quickly learned Lyft “does not yet exist” in the area, and Uber was going to charge us $60 to get to our AIRBNB from the airport. We ended up taking a taxi from the airport which charged us $40. We later found out there is a bus called the MAUI BUS which has a bunch of different routes with numerous stops all over the island and is only $4 for an all day bus pass. The bus saved us so much money, it was extremely easy, always on time, and so helpful. We got to explore almost the entire island without a car. There is even an app for the bus which tells you exactly where it is, how long until it gets to you, if it will be running late, ect.

ACTIVITES: We planned our days out as they came along, spent most days taking the bus to different sides of the island and getting out, walking around and exploring until we could catch another bus. There are tons of tours and activites you can book ahead of time if you prefer that, some of the activites we wanted to do were sold out for the days we wanted.